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Trendy acrylic

Owner of a diploma is a trendy nail master of artificial nails and recommended by the project nailsoftheday.com

Trendy natural

Owner of a diploma is a trendy nail master of natural nails and recommended by the project nailsoftheday.com


Diplomas of international level

Are given by the project www.nailsoftheday.com to nail masters, who have completed studying at one of the best nail schools, afterwards their works have successfully passed the battles and were assessed by colleagues higher than thousands of other works, posted on the website. The project recommends the owner of diploma, as a trendy nail master 2017. The idea of the diploma is to highlight the best nail masters. Before the New Year new section will be added to portfolio, which will be active only for Jury, Experts and TRENDY nail masters. In the portfolio it will be possible to upload 50 any works (tips, posters etc). The works in portfolio will be shared in news feed, but will not participate in the daily contest (endless battles just for fun). We don't want beginners to upload works in the portfolio, we want project to has the strongest works. TRENDY is a club of professionals.

Diploma of TRENDY nail artist is


and a good engine of your career.
You immediately declare yourself in a professional environment at the international level


of your skills.
The diploma confirms that your work is better than many other applicants and is highly appreciated by professionals


your clients and students
will see that you are developing
and striving to be better for them


a reason to raise prices
on your services

Sign of quality

confirmation on the international website www.nailsoftheday.com by icon TRENDY for a year and possibility to upload works in portfolio


stylish diploma will
decorate your workplace

How to get Diploma?


To take a course at any
authorized school


To register in the
project nailsoftheday.com
and indicate the school you
have studied at


To add your work
and pass in the 2nd round


Pay the cost of manufacturing the diploma
(if it was not included in the course price of the school)

schools, entitled to give diplomas of trendy nail artist

All instructors of schools, authorized by project nailsoftheday are talented artists, innovators and leaders of industry. We assess style, but we can't test the quality of the students' works. Due to the proven schools, we are sure that all students got the best skills of mastership and medical knowledge. This allows us to give diplomas only to those - whom we can recommend in all aspects.

(Русский) Nika Zemlyanikina nail-art studio & school

(Русский) Киев

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(Русский) EMischool_kharkov

(Русский) Харьков

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MS Nail Studio


У нас вы можете посетить курсы маникюра, педикюра, моделирования ногтей (наращивания ногтей), курсы повышения квалификации моделирования ногтей (наращивания ногтей), френч, курсы по дизайну ногтей, мои авторские курсы Шелк, Экспресс-акварель, Пуантель, Жостово, Китайская роспись, Акварель Хрустальный эффект, дизайн на коротких ногтях (курс художенственной росписи на ногтях салонной длинны), арочное моделирование форм квадрат, миндаль (овал), стилет, пайп, модерн, авторские курсы Марины Шивцовой. Адрес: г. Харьков, ул. Полтавский Шлях, 32, офис 214

Training Center “Academy of manicure by Irina Amrosieva”


Irina Amrosieva – is a founder of the magazine “Art of manicure”. Vice World champion-2006, the judge of the World Championships, Chicago 2008, Paris-2010, Milan 2011, 2012. Frankfurt-2014. European championship in Athens 2009 and the 2010 Kremlin Cup, Moscow-2013. National judge of Ukraine, the master-expert of Committee of Standards of Beauty of Ukraine, Director and teacher of Training Centre “Academy of manicure by Irina Amrosieva” and Amro Nail Academy . The author of the technology of nail designs, a developer of materials for own professional brand Amro, publisher of the all-Ukrainian professional magazine “Art of manicure”.

Nail International School by Finko


International school of professional training in manicure, pedicure and nail extensions. International teachers and modern technologies are your steps to success. We educate PROFESSIONALS! All of our offices operate on the same programs, the latest technology and our students recieve diplomas of the unified international standard. We are building a network around the world. Welcome to team of leaders.

Training Center “Confiture nail school”


Are you an aspiring nail master who wants to gain the skills of arch modeling? Are you a practicing nail artist requiring refresher training? Do you want to know all the details of the perfect manicure and flawless gel polish? Do you strive to keep pace with the times and like to surprise your clients with new designs? Welcome to the Training Center “Confiture nail school”, where qualified nail instructors will help you become a professional in the field of nail service. Special training programs are developed for you, due to which, in a short period of time you will be able to achieve outstanding results. As a bonus, at the end of the course you will get free information support. Your new works will not remain without attention. We will point out all the strengths and weaknesses of your works, also you can always get online support from instructors of the training center.

Training center Amore Shop


Manicure and nail design is an art, but not magic. All that before your nail master could make with your nails at a salon, now you will be able to do by yourself. Save time and effort, don’t depend on anybody – create any nail design, which you desire! Training center Amore shop is not only qualified instructors with extensive experience, but also a ticket to the future! It does not matter you are a beginner or a professional with wide experience in our center you will find many programs for any level of work! Original programs, exclusive equipment – it’s all about us.

Yulia Savranskaya Nail studio


Yulia Savranskaya || Nail studio.

Frequently asked questions (faq)

Can I get a diploma if I have already completed a course in one of authorized schools?

Can I get a diploma if I haven't studied at school, but my work took place in the second round?

How to offer school for authorization?

What are the differences between black and white diplomas?

How to check the authenticity of the diplomas and do they have validity?

Does it matter when the studying was over?

The exam takes place in the framework of the project www.nailsoftheday.com in a real competitive environment, where there are thousands of other talented nail masters from different countries. After graduation, the nail master must add his/her works to the site, specifying the category of Natural / Artificial.

All the added works fall into the section “New”.

In the section there is a button “Start voting”. After clicking, a couple of works from one category (natural/artificial) is shown. Nail masters click on works which they liked and then receive the following pair. Works by this master can’t be shown to him/her. The nail master can assess works, until they run out. If both are good or both are bad - it is possible to skip several times, the system will generate another pair.

Every work must pass 50 such battles-comparisons. If the work wins half of comparisons and more – it goes to the second round. It means that it was better than half of all works that have been added and we can guarantee that the author is "In the trend", because clients choose nail masters by the photos on the Internet.

Exam is finished and you can receive your diploma. The number of attempts is unlimited. If your first work has not passed to the second round, so try again. Improve your photo art, design - and you will succeed!

If you know the schools that prepare cool nail masters and can recommend it, we are ready to consider variants of cooperation. Please fill in the fields below and we will consider all offers!